Join the design challenge to inspire the regenerative economy in Bali.

Innovation for impact

The Fab Island Challenge brings together local and global innovation communities to propose meaningful interventions that enrich, empower and scale Bali’s emerging regenerative economy.

Teams from around the world are invited to focus and learn about a specific local initiative, propose and prototype design outputs to win seed funding for its implementation.

It is a key event of Bali Fab Fest, the largest gathering of digital fabrication communities, the Fab Lab Network and Fab City global initiative.

Urgent areas of intervention

The challenge addresses the most pressing issues around sustainability and life systems:

  • Waste Management

  • Water Conservation

  • Food Security

  • Regenerative Materials

  • Sustainable Mobility

  • New Learning Models

  • Preserving Natural Ecosystems

  • New systems of value and exchange

Who is the Challenge for?

The Fab Island Challenge will instigate meaningful projects in local communities in Bali by bringing together various profiles.

Local and global experts

Local and global experts and enthusiasts such as students, academics, professionals and other practitioners of design, making, digital fabrication, organising and activism who bring their skills to the challenge.

Technologies and methodologies

Existing projects, technologies or methodologies that deal with or might fit into one or more of the challenge areas.

Networks and organisations

Networks and organisations of practice that add value in the form of specific knoweldge, skills or experience including universities, advocacy movements and communities of practice.

Key dates and challenge schedule

Participation applications open → 1 August

Microgrant applications open → 1 August - 22 August

Announcements of teams → 1 September

Online information sessions → mid-September


Challenge in Bali (alongside the Bali Fab Fest) → 12-22 October

Field trips to the project locations → 13-14 October

Project development and prototyping → 15-19 October

Ideas showcase → 20-21 October

Seed-funding → 22 October

*some dates may change without prior notice


Microgrants are offered for individuals, teams and networks to participate in the challenge based on their skills, projects or experiences. Applications can be made as part of the challenge application.

If you’re an individual you can apply for a Skills Grant of EUR 1000 to participate in the challenge.

If you have a project or technology that might be useful in one of the challenge areas, you can apply for a Project Grant of EUR 2000 as a team of 3 people.

If you’re an organization or a network, you can apply for an Organisation Grant of EUR 4000 for a team of 3-5 people based on their skills or projects.

Separate Grants are also offered for residents of ASEAN countries.

Read more details here.

Challenge partners

The challenge gathers support from international and local collaborators and builds on previous #techforgood and #socialinnovation challenges.

Plastic for Good Challenge

The #PlasticForGood Challenge by Distributed Design Market Platform x Precious Plastic, co-funded project by Creative Europe, was an intensive experience promoting the crucial need to rethink the way we use plastics globally.

Made Again Challenge

SPACE10’s mission to investigate new models of circular societies and enable a better life for the many people led us them to partner with Fab Lab Barcelona to explore more sustainable alternatives for production and consumption.


Participate in the Fab Island Challenge!

Please read the About page carefully before applying. Applications close 15 August ‘22.

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Hosted by the Bali Fab Fest, 12-22 October, Jimbaran Hub, Bali

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