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The Fab Island Challenge was designed by the Fab City Foundation, Meaningful Design Group with support for the pedagogical approach from Fab Lab Barcelona. The process aimed to support collaborative efforts to approach some of Bali’s most pressing issues around sustainability and life systems.

Teams from around the world were invited to focus and learn about a specific local initiatives, propose and prototype design outputs to win seed funding for its implementation.

About the Challenge

When is the Fab Island Challenge?

The Fab Island Challenge was hosted physically in Bali from 12th till 22nd of October 2022. It was organised along with the Bali Fab Fest, a unique event converging the annual Fab Lab Conference and the Fab City Summit.

Where in Bali did the Challenge take place?

The challenge was hosted at the Jimbaran Hub, the main location for the Bali Fab Fest with a 2-day field trip to the challenge locations in North and Central Bali.

For more information related to the Bali Fab Fest please refer to the FAQ on this event page.


An immersive Experience

The aim of the challenge is to design meaningful interventions for specific challenges faced by innovation initiatives in Bali. We must ensure an intensive and immersive experience by involving multiple stakeholders from each challenge - therefore the format of the challenge was on-site participation.

A Curated Experience

All applicants were curated into teams based on their top three preferences of challenge topics, relevant skills, experiences, also considering maximum diversity and backgrounds in each team.

About the trip to Bali

How to get to Bali?

International travel to and from Bali must be booked by the participants themselves. However, if you’re selected for a microgrant, you may use the money you receive to book your air tickets. We suggest flying to Denpasar airport in Bali, Indonesia. It is open and operational for domestic and international flights. Given the fluctuating airline schedules and travel routes, it is best to check with an online booking service, airline representative, or travel agent to explore the options from your origin city.

Do I need a Visa for Indonesia?

Depending on the traveler’s nationality, length of stay and their reason(s) to enter the country, Indonesia has options of an e-visa for certain countries OR a visa on arrival (VOA) for about 70 countries OR even visa exemptions for certain countries for tourism. The event organizers cannot sponsor any visas. We suggest opting for the VOA if you’re eligible. The most updated information can be found on the official Indonesian Government Immigration website or IATA travel website.
A basic letter of participation can be provided on request but the event organizer holds no further responsibility for the attainment of Visas.

What are the current Covid Regulations in Bali?

Travel restrictions related to COVID-19 are continually changing. Please refer to the most updated information on the official Indonesian Government Immigration website or IATA travel website.

About the Microgrants

What is a microgrant? How does it work?

A microgrant is a specific sum of money distributed to an eligible individual or a team of people, for the purpose of supporting their trip to Bali for participating in the Fab Island Challenge.

If you’re an individual and have expertise in the areas of digital fabrication, or the other relevant topics related to the challenge you can apply for a Skills Grant of EUR 1000 to participate in the challenge. (EUR 400 for ASEAN countries)

If you have a project or technology that might be useful in one of the challenge areas, you can apply for a Project Grant of EUR 2000 for a team of 3 people. (EUR 900 for ASEAN countries)

If you’re an organization or a network, you can apply for an Organisation Grant of EUR 4000 for a team of 4-5 people based on their skills or projects. (EUR 1400 for ASEAN countries)

Applicants of teams may receive only one microgrant. So please do not apply for multiple grants.

You can apply for the microgrant as a part of the challenge application. Please note that applying does not confirm participation or the microgrant. You will be notified in 2-3 weeks if you’re selected. Recipients of the microgrants can then use the money to pay for tickets, visas, or any other purpose of their choice, provided they come to Bali and participate in the Challenge.

Who is eligible for an ASEAN grant?

Residents of ASEAN countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, are eligible for an ASEAN country grant made through our partner CAST Foundation.

If you are eligible, please fill the relevant question in the application form - here.

When do I receive the grant money?

On selection , we will guide you through the process. Here's how it works, briefly:

Step 1: Fill application form before 22 August ‘22 to participate in the Challenge and apply for a microgrant.

Step 2: Wait for confirmation from the organizers - You will be informed if you’ve been selected as a participant for one of the challenges and if you’re eligible for a microgrant. You will also be given a discount code that you may use to buy the BFF tickets.

Step 3: On confirmation, buy BFF tickets on the website (using the 20% discount code).

Step 4: Send proof of BFF tickets as a confirmation that you will come to Bali. If you are participating without a grant, skip steps 5-6, go to step 7.

Step 5: Organisers will send you an invoice template form to confirm details of sending the grant money. Fill up the form and send it back to receive the money.

Step 6: Receive money in 5-7 days after submitting the invoice form.

Step 7: Buy travel tickets, book accommodation, check if you need a Visa. You may use the grant money to support these costs.

Step 8: Participate in the online info sessions in September, where you’ll be introduced to the challenges, the other participants and the hosts. You will receive the session details on email.

Step 9: Prepare to travel to Bali!

Step 10: Be present for the mandatory challenge registration on the day of the challenge at the Jimbaran Hub, Bali. Time and exact location to be confirmed.

Other practical information

Are meals included?

Most meals are included in all the activities at the Jimbaran Hub (main venue) and the field visit days, with exceptions on the open days when there will be open food markets with reduced prices. Please refer to the event program for more information.

What tools and materials are available for developing projects?

At the Jimbaran Hub, we will have a Fab Lab set up with machines and material inventory. All basic infrastructure including dedicated spaces with desks, boards and presentation equipment will be provided.

If there are any project-specific tools, hardware, materials you intend to use for your particular challenge, please bring them along.

Is transportation included?

Yes, shared transportation will be provided for all Fab Island Challenge participants for challenge-related activities including field trips to the hosts’ location.

Is accommodation provided?

Participants must book their own stays during the Challenge. Although, if the challenge location is far from Jimbaran hub, accommodation will be provided to those participants for the field trip night. You can check recommendations on this Bali Fab Fest page.

About the Organisers

The Fab Island Challenge is designed by Fab City Foundation, Meaningful Design Group with support for the pedagogical approach from Fab Lab Barcelona. The Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union partners with the Challenge to provide an international approach to promoting the work of makers and designers from both Europe and beyond. The approach, named by the platform as a ‘circular city challenge’ aims to connect makers to actors who enable policy and urban change in cities through circular and local design and manufacturing practice.

If you have any questions related to the Fab Island Challenge, please email Apply before 22 August ‘22.

Excited about joining the Challenge?

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Hosted by the Bali Fab Fest, 12-22 October, Jimbaran Hub, Bali

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